Joan of Arc Timeline

The Timeline of Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc is someone that everyone knows through their schooling. This young girl, who never made it out of her teens, led her country to victory and changed the shape of the Middle Ages. While the timeline of Joan of Arc may be short, it had a massive impact on world history.

The timeline of Joan of Arc's life begins on January 6, 1412 when Joan of Arc was born on the feast day of epiphany in Domremy, France. It was not for another 12 years that the timeline of Joan of Arc would pick up again, when in 1424 she heard the voices of three saints who told her to free the French from the English, who were currently embroiled in the Hundred Years’ War.

Four years later in 1428, Joan of Arc met with Robert de Baudricourt in Vaucouleurs, who would have a significant effect on her life. Impressing him, she would lead the French to victory in 1429 from February 12 to May 8 during the battle to free Orleans from the English. During that same year, she would fight in four more battles, all in the month of June, before she helped to get Charles VII crowned in Rheims after liberating the city from the English.

Sadly, 1429 would end badly with Joan of Arc becoming wounded in an attack on parish on September 8. Less than a year later on May 23, she would be captured and sold by the Burgundians to the English.

On January 9, 1431, she would begin her trial and from February 21 to May 28, she would be imprisoned, hear voices once again, tortured and finally found guilty of heresy. On May 30, 1431, the timeline of Joan of Arc's life ends when she is burned at the stake.

However, her spirit would live on and from 1431 to 1455, there would be constant battles in France to free the French from the English, until finally on April 15, 1450, the English would be destroyed at the Battle of Formigny and expelled from Normandy. Three years later on July 17, 1453, the Hundred Years’ War Would end.

In 1456, the last bit of the timeline of Joan of Arc would come to a conclusion when she was declared innocent due to flaws in the procedure that found her guilty.

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