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Every saint is the patron of something. Those that they watch over, their patrons, are the ones who need the protection of this particular saint. There are many patron saints in Christianity, but few are as well known as St. Joan of Arc, patron saint.

Joan of Arc was the woman who led the French to victory over the British in a series of decisive battles during the Hundred Years’ War. She was captured eventually by the English and put to trial for heresy, where she was found guilty. On May 30, 1431, she was burned at the stake. However, in 1920, she became a patron saint due to her canonization, with her feast day being May 30 appropriately.

Many do not realize just how many people Joan of Arc is the patron saint of. However, she protects literally millions of people, especially considering Joan of Arc is the patron saint of France.

On top of that, Joan of Arc is the patron saint of martyrs, captives, militants, people ridiculed for their piety, prisoners, soldiers, Anglophobes, Women Appointed for Voluntary Emergency Services and the Woman's Army Corps.

The people in these categories will often be know to carry a medal that signifies Joan of Arc as their patron. Many people in France have these medals and look to Joan of Arc, patron saint of the country, with respect and admiration. Naturally, looking at the list of groups Joan of Arc is a patron saint of, you can see they match what she did in life. The Women Appointed for Voluntary Emergency Service and Women's Army Corps are for her leadership in the army, along with militants and soldiers. She was put on trial for heresy, hence Joan of Arc as the patron saint of those people ridiculed for their piety. She was held prisoner, so she is the Joan of Arc is the patron saint of prisoners and captives, and since the English held her, she is the patron saint of Anglophobes as well.

Lastly, for being burned at the stake, Joan of Arc became the patron saint of martyrs.
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