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Messenger Joan of Arc

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Many people feel that Joan of Arc was a messenger of God. It is well-documented by historians and scholars that Joan of Arc believed she was visited three saints who gave her the revelation that she would lead the French to victory. These three saints were Saint Margaret, Saint Catherine and Saint Michael. As a result, most Catholics see her visions as a divine inspiration, which has led her to being known as Saint Joan of Arc, or Messenger Joan of Arc.

While most believe that Joan of Arc's life followed the plot of the TV movie Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, there are some who feel that her visions were the result of epilepsy, migraines, tuberculosis, or schizophrenia. However, for those who believe the story of the Messenger Joan of Arc, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that she was visited with a message from God, a message that would prove true.

Going on the believe that the Messenger Joan of Arc was indeed visiting by three saints, it can be ascertained that they had chosen her specifically due to her ingrained leadership abilities. All she needed was a way to help bring them out and leading an army did just that.

On that same note, there are two stories from her life that lend credence to the belief that Messenger Joan of Arc was indeed possessed with a divine gift. The first is that she was able to predict an outcome of a battle near Orleans that came true, which led her to meet King Charles VII. However, upon entering the court she refused to bow in front of the person on the throne. The reason for this was that she knew, through divine intervention, that the true king had hid in the crowd to test her abilities. When she bowed to him after walking through the crowd, the legend of the Messenger Joan of Arc began.

This is probably the most interesting part of the Joan of Arc story, and the fact that she is remembered 550 years after she died lends evidence to that. Even in 1999, the movie Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc helped keep the myth and legend of this amazing woman continue on. Would she be as famous or legendary if she had not possessed those visions? Probably not, so we can thank those visions for helping to take a small girl from the countryside in France, and turning her into an immortal of human history.

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