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One thing that many saints have is medals. These medals are meant to protect individuals with the saint's protection, Saint Joan of Arc medals are no different. Generally, saints will protect certain people and things, and those who need this protection will have saint medals. Those who have Saint Joan of Arc medals fall into the categories of citizens of France, martyrs, captives, militants, people ridiculed for their piety, prisoners, soldiers, Anglophobes, Women Appointed For Voluntary Emergency Service, Women’s Army Corps.

Joan of Arc medallions can be found around the planet and are owned by thousands, if not millions of people who want the protection of this important saint. Saint Joan of Arc medals usually have a picture of her cast into the front with a message along the lines of freedom and bravery on the back. For those who need her protection, the Joan of Arc saint medals can offer peace in dark times. May soldiers during the French Resistance carried Joan of Arc's saint medals with them, and even the flag of the resistance was a homage to Joan of Arc.

There is another medal that is dedicated to Joan of Arc, but it is not a Joan of Arc saint medal. It is the Order of the St. Joan D'Arc Medallion and it is given out by the United States Army as the top volunteerism award from the United States Armor Association. It was created in 1986 to recognize the best in America's tankers and troopers. It is usually given to spouses who make contributions that are deemed significant for morale, welfare and the spirit of the armor and Calvary unites in the army.

A St. Joan of Arc medallion, and the medal presented from the United States army are both very important but very different. While the medal from the army is an honor, having a St. Joan of Arc medal is something people take very seriously. Saint Joan of Arc is one of the most popular saints in the Catholic Church, and there are many people out there who do not leave their homes without their St. Joan of Arc medal or Joan of Arc medallion.

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